4 Ways To Savor The Moment

Want to know how to feel more positive? Try these 4 ways to savor the moment.

Too often we let the good moments pass without truly celebrating them. Maybe your friend gives you a small gift, a colleague makes you laugh, or a rainbow stretches across the sky. These are just tiny moments, and the positive emotions associated with them fade. They don’t have to. We just have to learn to savor the moment. Below you will find 4 ways to savor the moment.

What is savoring?

Savoring just means that we attempt to recognize, enjoy, and extend our positive experiences. Savoring is a powerful tool for boosting positivity and building happiness.

Try these 4 ways to savor the moment techniques to see what works best for you.

1. Savor the past.

Savoring the past is perhaps the easiest way to practice savoring. Think about a positive, joyful or pleasant event from your past. It could be something that happened recently or a long time ago. For example, you might remember a meal with friends that you enjoyed very much or completing an important project at work.

As you are thinking back on this pleasant event, think about the people, smells, sounds and sights that you experienced during it. Think about – and try to recreate – the positive emotions that you felt around the time of the event. As you are savoring, let your thoughts wander to anything else about the happy experience that makes you feel good. Mentally hold on to whatever feels good for as long as possible–even if this means doing nothing but sitting quietly and allowing yourself time to think of all of these things together–and then slowly let go by taking deep breaths and paying attention to how these emotions feel in your body as they fade away.

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2. Savor the present.

If you’re the kind of person who stops to appreciate the little things in life, you may be able to experience more of them. To savor the present, pay attention to any time you feel good. Think about what caused these positive emotions and mentally hold on to those thoughts. Practicing gratitude is one way to experience positive emotions more often. Remind yourself that you are grateful for whatever or whoever caused these positive emotions.

3. Capitalize on the present.

Capitalizing on the present is the best way to savor the moment. To prolong your positive emotions, try capitalizing on positive events. If you feel good, show it, tell it, or share it with others right away. Keep in mind that the positive thing that happens doesn’t have to be big. You could simply have woken up on the right side of the bed and think, “Hey, I’m feeling great today.”

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Letting others know about the positive things in your life can make you feel even better. Tell it by talking to someone about why you’re happy. You might call or text a friend to talk about what you’re feeling. Others respond well to expressions of positive emotions.

Share it by posting kind thoughts on social media. If there is something you are feeling great about, such as something good that happened at work or school, share it far and wide with a post on Facebook or Twitter. Just be careful not to post things that might make other people feel worse (like if you got something that someone else wanted).

4. Savor the future.

By using our imagination to envision positive emotions, we can experience happiness and create a positive future for ourselves. For example, you could practice savoring by looking forward to a vacation this summer. Or about what you’ll do, who will be there, and the positive emotions you hope to feel. See how generating positive emotions from an event that hasn’t even happened yet can increase happiness.

With these 4 savor the moment techniques you can learn to be more present and build the happiness that you are searching for.

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